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Text documents, tables, presentations - the Apple office package for your own Mac computers stands on these three legs. After one and a half years, the California company is now presenting a new version of iWork. The functions of the applications themselves have been expanded, but remain geared towards everyday private use. The most interesting innovation is iWork.Com, which supports online collaboration.

"Your document has been made available on Free Pdf Tools", reports the text editing program Pages after uploading the document. The server keeps it for 120 days. Now you can read the text wherever there is an internet connection.

Access is also available to other people who are informed of this in an email. This way, any number of people can be invited. They click on the link in the mail or call up the address given in the browser. If you use Internet Explorer under Windows, you will see a raised index finger, but in the interest of a higher performance speed it is better to use the Apple browser Safari or Firefox.

Then the document will be displayed by the Microsoft browser without any problems. Information about the sender of the document is given in a column on the right side of the website. There is a link below to download the document - either in Pages format, as a PDF or as a Microsoft Word file.

Comment function for online work groups

Finally, the sidebar also provides a note function. Here the viewer of the document can add notes. In addition, individual text passages or cells in a table can be provided with a comment. Working groups are thus supported in online collaboration. So far, there is no direct way to edit a document online. However, the offer is still in beta, so it is still under development.

If iWork is not used for collaboration, but as personal storage space on the Internet, all documents end up on a server called publish.Iwork.Com. There they are password protected. The personal Apple ID is used here, which is also used for other Internet connections to Apple.

Free word to pdf 

As soon as someone is invited to view the document, it is also saved on the server view.Iwork.Com - there it is not password-protected. Therefore, you should not upload confidential documents and make them available to others. Every invited user gets a specific URL - this enables notes and comments to be assigned to a specific author.

All three applications of iWork 09 have an entry "Deploy via iWork.Com" in the menu "Deploy", so that texts, tables and presentations can be stored there. The storage space provided for each user is one gigabyte.


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